Notes on Jared Spool’s Delight 2013 Keynote

Topic: Using the Kano Model to Build Delightful UX   QuickTake: Creating experiences that meet basic requirements isn’t enough—you need to also build in an Excitement Generator

Toward Building a Winning UX Strategy with the Kano Method

Questions to ask before starting:

  • What should we build?
  • How best to allocate resources?
  • What can we say “no” to?
  • How can we tell we’ve done a good job?
  • How do we differentiate from the competition?
  • Where do we innovate?
  • How much should this cost?

The Kano Model


(click image to enlarge)

Getting the Must Be’s right isn’t enough—today users look for Exciters as differentiators.

Performance Payoff Make sure you have the right number of features by ruthlessly cutting anything that’s not absolutely necessary

Experience Rot When too many feature and bells and whistles have been included, usability drops as does good user experience

Excitement Generators Can be divided into 3 groups: Pleasure, Flow and Meaning (cf Dana Chisnell’s approach at

  • Pleasure = Good content
  • Flow = Quick and easy
  • Meaning = 100% authentic

Innovation It’s not creating something new; it’s adding new value to something that already exists. (cf  Steve Jobs and Apple!)

  • The space between the current user experience and your aspirational user experience is where innovation comes in. Take baby steps to get there.

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