Notes on “Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem” by Karen McGrane

QuickTake Responsive Design requires a new content strategy, which many people ignore at their (and their site’s) peril


The original appears on here

My Notes

Responsive Design is more than just a modular layout, it requires:

  • Evaluating content and pruning “dead content”
  • Assessing the amount of content shown on the “page” on differing devices
  • Creating multiple forms of headlines, teaser and body text
  • Alternate versions of some assets (images, infographics etc)
  • Separating content from presentation in the CMS

We’re winning the battle for responsive design, but the cost (money, time, resources) of CONTENT STRATEGY needs to be made explicit to and agreed upon by all stakeholders and devs BEFORE you start the process.

Make informed and realistic decisions about what content will be revised and restructured, and what content to punt on. (Realistically, there won’t be enough resources to redo the entire site.)


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