LukeW’s Notes on Jenn Lucas’ Web Type for Developers from An Event Apart 2014

summary of a post of LukeW’s on

  • Use style guides, pattern libraries, and general styles so all type gets styled
  • Do a heading audit of your entire site so everyone know’s what the options are
  • Web fonts do still have some cross-browser issues and will require testing time and budget
  • Use audience analytics to see what devices your customers are using–and test your fonts across all the top devices
  • Show type designs in HTML pages in browser, not in PDFs
  • Consider using webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased for light text on top of dark colors
  • Test in your least-favorite browser
  • Monitor font-face performance times, esp on mobile
  • Use as few different weights of a font family as possible, shoot for between 160-400k
  • A handy chart to see what fonts are available on mobile is here
  • Typekit allows you to remove support on mobile devices which cuts down file size a lot
  • Use icon fonts when possible. Make sure the ones you choose are being actively updated
  • Line lengths should be capped at 45-75 characters

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