User Flow and Mobile Devices by Dana Chisnell

Notes from Dana Chisnell‘s Mobile Flowidity presentation on

Responsive design is a brilliant hack

Small devices depend on great user flow to be usable. The flow needs to be planned for all size screens and devices.

Obstacles from standard sites can kill a mobile experience:

  • Connectivity–don’t hide important information behind connectivity error screens in apps
  • Authentication–the more characters required, the greater chance users will screw up input
  • On-boarding
  • Security Questions
  • Updates
  • Alerts–Can cover up interactive elements
  • Location Awareness–don’t pop up Allow message until actually needed
  • Opting In
  • Start-up Instructions–No one reads them. If users can’t figure it out by themselves, it’s too difficult to use
  • Service Agreements

Apps that don’t block flow can unlock engagement

Syncing and resuming are key features for cross-platform experiences

Micro-usability–efficient and effective UI etc

Macro-usability–good user feedback, user not conscious about how to use the technology

Improve engagement with:

  • Quick response time
  • Clear affordances
  • Simple plain feedback
  • IA=mental model
  • Auto sync across channels & devices
  • Transparent automatic experiences, not requiring thinking about the functionality/technology on the user’s end

Think flowidity instead of usability–make the experience:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Satisfactory
  • Transparent
  • Automatic
  • Integral

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