Notes on Abductive Thinking and Cooperative Ideation by Jabe Bloom

Notes on Jabe Bloom’s talk from LeanUX Bootcamp held at NYU Stern Berkley Center and posted on Lean UX NYC 2014’s site, link here. Jabe is President and Principal Consultant at Coherent Insight.

Divergent thinking is about creating option points and fully exploring the option space before committing to one

Delay deciding which options are “good” as long as possible

The last responsible moment is the moment before an option expires

Competency Trap: We try things we’ve had success with before and avoid things we don’t know will work

Optionality: Options have value, options expire but never commit early unless you know why

Divergent thought usually breaks a rule–what rule is it? Snapchat is basically for naked selfies without much risk

The Ladder of Inference: we observe a mass of data, select some of the data, ascribe some meaning to that data, make assumptions, come to conclusions, adopt beliefs and then take action. Then loop back to the select data and avoid the mass of data we should be starting with.

High advocacy and high inquiry combines for the most integrative results

Cultural bias creates hidden constraints

Artifacts: visible organizational structures and processes

Espoused values/justifications: strategies, goals, philosophies based on underlying, often unconscious assumptions from your culture

Basic cultural assumptions and theories-in-use can seem non-confrontable and non-debatable and hence are very hard to change

Exformation: what we decide to not tell people about some of the data

Brainstorming is convergent, not divergent


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