Notes on Agile User Experience Design by Janet M. Six

My notes on Agile User Experience Design by Janet M. Six, posted on, link here.

Let’s look at some of the gaps between UX design and Agile development.

  • In Agile development, the devs expect that they won’t know what the final product will be until after the final iteration.
  • In UX design, designers want to know everything that’s relevant up front so as to design one holistic user experience.

What steps can UX folks take to help gather the knowledge they want up front?

  • Volunteer to write the vision statement if it doesn’t exist
  • Help the business analysts write user stories
  • Get involved in the requirement definitions to bring clarity
  • Try creating pre-iteration zero holistic wireframes
  • Defining an initial product vision is a good investment of resources because it can help avoid massive refactoring downstream
  • Ensure that there are use cases meant to identify exception cases that may otherwise not emerge from the process
  • Create a site structure in Sprint Zero to help guide the entire process

Muddled epics and user stories can result in very dev/PO-centric products that might work, but are not necessarily useful. UX pros can evaluate whether the current product iteration fulfills the goals, objectives, principles, and vision statements for the entire enterprise


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