Notes on Developing UX Agility: Letting Go of Perfection

Developing UX Agility: Letting Go of Perfection was posted on UXMatters, link here. A nicely condensed version of the article was posted on, link here. The original was written by By Carissa Demetris, Chris Farnum, Joanna Markel, and Serena Rosenhan.

Working as a UX pro in an Agile environment entails some recalibrating of our assumptions and practices.

  1. Agile UX practices can be liberating: we get the chance to validate our ultimate solution by repeatedly designing, prototyping and testing multiple iterations.
  2. It’s ok to refactor your design and the project’s code. The goal is not to get it right the first time but to continually add, refine and even remove functionalities as development and testing iterations continue.
  3. Start with the simplest design that fulfills the current requirements. You may not know all the requirements up front–or maybe you do and they’re a little overwhelming. Create a design that fulfills the user’s first-sprint requirements only and add other enhancements and functionalities as the sprints proceed.
  4. Define deliverables like haikus, not epic poems. Less critical features can be designated in later sprints. Requiring too many deliverables in the early sprints can lead to overdesigned solutions.

I just joined a project suffering from too many requirements that have weakened the user experience. Once something gets built out, it can be difficult to gain consensus to remove it even if it’s not working well for the users’ purposes: product owners in particular might focus on fulfilling their desires and not the user’s.


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