Agile, says who?

Over the last year, I have worked on three projects that were “using an Agile methodology.” Only…

In one project the users testing/validation process existed outside of the sprints and almost never took place (and then only towards the end of development).

In one project, the user stories were genuine user stories, carefully written by POs…but I never heard mention of actually testing users as part of the sprints or even epics. (True, I was only there for five weeks, but that was five sprints…)

And in the final project, the UX team was strictly forbidden from doing any sort of user testing! (Ah, so much for the beatiful shiny testing lab!) The powers-that-be thought they knew how the product should to be created and felt it was up to users to learn how to use it regardless of the difficulty.

Like Goldilock’s bears, these companies were small, medium and large.

So, are business bigwigs using “Agile” as a cover for fast, cheap and (probably, quite possibly, but-how-would-we-know-until-after-release) bad?



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