My Notes on Google’s New Mobile Best Practices

From a research study done by Google and AnswerLab, Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions

Google and AnswerLab’s study is based on how a range of users interacted with a diverse group of mobile sites.

They came up with 25 mobile site design principles, grouped into 5 sections. It’s an easy validator for when you are making UX recommendations!


1. Keep calls-to-action front and center
2. Keep menus short and sweet
3. Make is easy to get back to the homepage
4. Don’t let promotions steal the show


5. Make site search visible
6. Ensure site search results are relevant
7. Implement search filters
8. Guide users to better site search results


9. Let users explore before commiting
10. Let users purchase as a guest
11. Use existing info to maximize convenience
12. Use click-to-call-help buttons for complex tasks
13. Make it easy to finish converting on another device


14. Streamline information entry with correct keyboards, auto advance etc
15. Choose the simplest input method possible–easier to toggle than select from a dropdown
16. Provide a visual calendar when selecting dates
17. Minimize errors with labeling and real-time validation
18. Design efficient forms. Better to have a 3-step form with less input per step, rather than a really large form with lots of input necessary


19. Optimize your entire site for mobile
20. Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom
21. Make product images expandable
22. Tell users if a certain screen orientation works better
23. Keep your user in a single browser window
24. Avoid “full site” labeling, use “desktop” so mobile users won’t feel shortchanged
25. Be clear why you want information like location



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