Prioritizing Feature Builds

My notes on a Medium post by Blossom_io’s Thomas Schranz, Which Features to Build?

Thomas uses a check list of attributes before deciding to work on a new feature:

  • Positioning (clarity)–does is help the product differentiate itself? Does it add clarity to the product? Will it help users understand what we stand for? See post
  • Super powers (value)–does it increase users’ super powers? Does it delight them? Do they care about it? See video
  • Frequent use–How often will users use it, actively or passively? Does it create value for them? Does it help them repeatedly? See post
  • Low effort–How quickly can we implement it? How much of a risk is it? Have we done something like this before or know anyone who has? See post
  • Easy-to-grasp–Can users understand it immediately? Use it instantly? Or do they need to learn how to use it? Can it create an epiphany while onboarding or sooner? See post
  • Tweetable–Will users tweet about it? Why? Is it a 10x improvement? Is it just more than just good enough?

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