Notes on LukeW’s There Is No Fold

from Luke Wroblewski’s blog post on 4/29/15, link here.

The “fold” is an outdated concept and should be abandoned

Here are the stats culled from 25m sessions:

  • The areas just above and below the traditional fold get the most engagement
  • The top of the screen gets little attention–people assume it’s all chrome and ignore it (it gets 75% less engagement than the area just above and below the fold)
  • The call to action needs to be placed where users have been convinced to take action–in an A/B scenario, the CTA on B was 20x further down the screen than on A but it got 30% more conversions
  • Willingness to scroll vertically is now a given–unless a design makes it seem as if there is no more content, people automatically scroll
  • People don’t expect to scroll horizontally. Let it do, designers!
  • “Scrolling is a continuation; clicking is a decision”—Josh Porter

Luke’s post is barely longer than this—read it already!


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