Notes on Software to Service by frog’s Kalle Buschmann

From the 06/15 video of his presentation at the Koln International School of Design, link here.

Industries are being disrupted (often by Google or Apple) and the older leading companies are suddenly struggling to stay relevant

  • They think they only need a quick retooling to return to best-of-class status
  • But often it’s not their service or product that’s been disrupted–it’s their business model
  • They are actually looking for a sustainable differentiator that can help them survive and flourish in the market
  • They need a new value proposition
  • They need to reframe customer expectations

The main reason for the disruption is digital transformation–products are becoming part of digital services, become digital services themselves etc. And those products have to work across a variety of screens, devices etc

Nest’s thermostat disrupted Honeywell by redefining what a thermostat is

Many companies have to go from product- to experience-focused, from hardware to software

Designers have to engage differently in situations using service design

Customers really only think about a single touchpoint–the device they are using that second–not about the whole ecosystem. But unless the whole ecosystem supports touchpoints equally well across all devices, customers will see that as a negative

frog design thinks of it this way:

Experience strategy choreographs the interactions between people and a brand’s products and services over extended periods of time

Disney spent $1B over 4 years to retrofit their parks for the modern age, centering everything around the experience of the “magic band” with tons of infighting in the background

frog design believes each touchpoint needs its own team, with an account team to oversee the process and ensure that all the experiences are well integrated–and they believe that the client side needs this accounting function as well

frog design has found that their design engagements, which used to run 1-6 months, run more like 8-48 months with service design. It’s the long game–helping to facilitate clients’ structural/cultural change is now part of the engagement as well

Kalle Buschmann is an Associate Creative Director at frog design


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