Notes on Why Product Thinking is the Next Big Thing In UX Design

from a post by Nikkel Blasse on 06/05/2015 on, link here.

  • Product thinking is the intersection of UX Design and Product Management
  • Users use products, and think of them as products—the core user experience is the job they hire the product for
  • Users don’t think of products as sets of features
  • In product design, we should be product-centered instead of feature-centered
  • We need first to validate that the solution we build is the one customers really want
  • Questions for the product/solution fit with include:
    • What problem do we solve?
    • Who are we solving it for?
    • Why are we solving it?
    • How are we solving it?
    • What do we want to achieve?
    • What are we doing to achieve it?
  • As a statement:
    • In order to ________ (vision),
      our product will solve _______ (target audience)
      problem of _______ (problem)
      by giving them ______ (strategy).
      We will know our product is working when we see ______ (goal).
  • Interaction and Visual Design can punch things up but they can’t make a product meaningful
  • Building features is easy, building the right features for the right people is challenging
  • Product thinking encourages us to say “no” to overcomplexity and feature bloat

from Medium: Nikkel @JAF_Designer is a Product- & Interaction- Designer at XING, Hamburg. Founder of Design Made For You |


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