Notes on Jared Spool’s UXA Podcast: Reinventing Corporate Structures

From the podcast between Jared and Sean Quinn, posted the UXAdvantage’s tumblr, link here.

(I personally can’t wait to go to UX Advantage in Aug! I went to UIE19 last year and it was fantastic. I chose this conference this year because of how incredibly current the topics, strategies and conversations will be for my work at Guardian Life. Check out the conference here.)

Appropriate design is coming to the forefront of customers’ expectations—all areas of an organization’s offerings have to be good, well-designed experiences for a product to shine in today’s market

Differing enterprise groups originated their own silo’s version of the same idea to address this problem:

  • Marketing came up with customer experience, fairly vague assessments like net promoter scores the measure customer satisfaction after the experience
  • Some branches of UX came in with user experience and focused on successful task completion etc
  • Other UX folks came up with service design, focused on successful end-to-end user journeys

Now many really successful companies are forming multidisciplinary teams focused on looking at the customer service, experience and journey as part of the same whole

But many enterprises (including Guardian Life) are struggling with this since they still think of themselves as selling products and not services

These companies are also so silo’d that customers have to keep repeating information again and again because internal databases don’t talk to each other–a horrible customer experience. Or documents all have their own numbering systems none of which are transparent to the customer–or even the customer service staff! Etc etc etc (sigh)

Some companies who are working hard and getting it mostly right include:

  • Fidelity
  • PayPal
  • Capital One

Corporate silos must be demolished–and the C level execs have to openly and strongly support the new building of new structures. Lots of built-in performance reviews, job success metrics etc will slow progress down otherwise–and probably subvert success since current silos have competing, non-aligned goals

Design can’t solve this issue alone. Adding a couple of new, trendy management titles into the existing structure won’t solve it either. Entire corporate structures must be cooperatively and transparently dismantled and rebuilt–simple renovations just aren’t going to make enough of a culture change

From the UXAdvantage tumblr: 

Jared Spool Founder, User Interface Engineering

A leader in the work of user experience, Jared has spent the last decade researching in depth how large organizations make the shift to using design as a competitive advantage. He founded UIE in 1988 with the mission to eliminate all the bad design from the world. UIE’s research has uncovered how successful organizations move beyond the UX tipping point and reach new heights. The ever-entertaining Jared makes a perfect co-host for the UX Advantage Conference.


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