Notes on No UI is the New UI

From a blog post by Tony Aube, link here.

More apps are harnessing the phone’s native messaging capabilities to deliver their product with no additional UI interface needed

  • They are invisible, or conversational, apps centered around a single messaging screen
  • They rely on one of the phone’s most natural and familiar interactions, texting
  • Examples include Operator, Magic, Digit, and Facebook’s M (a personal assistant in development)
  • Recent advancements in AI help drive these apps
  • They avoid the too-common trap of wanting to stick a new interface on everything
  • These examples unfortunately also show Silicon Valley’s propensity to spend their engineering and tech brilliance to solve problems facing very sophisticated wealthy people

More new UI doesn’t have to be the answer to every tech problem. Think outside the UI!

Another cited source for info about this trend is Nir Eyal’s article, link here. And of course Golden Krishna’s recent hit book, The Best Interface is No Interface.


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