Quick Knowledge Drop: The OPDSA method

OPDSA = Observe, Plan, Do, Check, Adjust


  • What is the current state of your potential product’s marketplace?
  • Which companies dominate that marketplace?
  • Are there currently any companies attempting to disrupt that marketplace?



  • What are our objectives in achieving our desired results?
  • What processes are necessary to deliver these results?
  •  What outputs are we expecting to create?
  • How can we validate our assumptions via a smallest-possible scale test?



  • Implement the plan and create the test product
  • Collect data for the next steps



  • Study the test results
  • Compare them against the expected results and document differences
  • Looking back, did the implementation deviate from the plan?
  • Was the plan appropriate and complete enough to enable proper execution?



  • What unanticipated results did the test uncover—regardless of whether it was ultimately a success or failure?
    • Use these unanticipated results to create new assumptions for your next product iteration
  • If the test was successful, its base assumptions become our new baseline for the next iteration
  • If the test failed, formulate a new set assumptions based on learnings from the test


Rinse and repeat!

(Source: Wikipedia , link here)


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