Great Insights on Lean Content from Steph Hay

(from Steph’s website, link here, as reposted at

Steph presents a great way of getting messaging for a new product validated before writing all the other content. Tracking clicks on possible copy directions is a fast way to make sure you’re on a potentially successful path

3 Steps to Message Testing

  1. Spend an hour writing at least 5 sentences that reference a pain your target user has–focus on the user’s need, not product features, i.e. “Do you hate waiting on hold for customer service?”
  2. Run Facebook/Google ads using the messages. Send those who click to a lightweight landing page, perhaps thanking them for their interest in your coming product. Content here is not very important–you just wanted to count the clicks.
  3. Collect the click data over a couple of days and see which message resonated the most. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

About Steph (from her site): Ohioan in Virginia. Leads Capital One’s content strategy team and weekly design sessions for 160 people across 10 locations. Mentors at 500 Startups and 1776. Loves CrossFit, ramen, and this flow chart.

Made Tougher.Me and MusicforWODs, co-founded FastCustomer, and was co-founding editor of Designed content for UIE, Ben & Jerry’s, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


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