Notes on Christopher McCann’s Product UX – ‘Create’

(Published to Slideshare 03/18/2016, link here or see below.)

Christopher has defined a very efficient process for storyboarding, story mapping and design studios for  product development

  1. Creating story boards, considering:
  • Context–how the product will be used
  • UI
  • Experience flow

Stories should be formulated like a hero’s quest:


Christopher suggests 7 min for sketching storyboards, then 1 min per to present to the group. Dot vote to find the preferred solution

2. Transfer the storyboard to a story map:


You can do this on the wall using stickies and masking tape:

  • Activity – people will use the system for (verb)
    • A storyboard usually has multiple Activities
  • Steps – that make up the Activity (verb)
    • Break each Activity into Steps
  • Details
    • What are the specific actions users would take?
    • What are other alternative they could do?
    • What are points of frustration or delight?
    • What would someone do if something went wrong?

10 min to create, 5 min to discuss and critique

  • What is the objective? (both utility and experience)
  • What elements of the design are related to the objective?
  • Are the elements effective for achieving the goal? (how this effects the user)
  • Why or why not?
  • (Focus on the solution, not the details)
  • (Avoid “I like” and “don’t like”. Be nice)

3. Design studio

Iteration 1

  • Create storyboard
  • Sketch multiple solutions
  • Concentrate on generating ideas–they should be rough, just enough to communicate idea
  • 5 min to sketch 6-8 concepts
  • Present ideas. 3 min to pitch
  • Critique. 2-3 ways design solves problems, 1-2 ways of improving design. 2 min


Iteration 2

  • Sketch again using learnings
  • Steal good ideas from other designs!
  • Critique
  • Rinse and repeat

NOTE This is not the final solution. Time to go out and validate!

From his slideshare: Christopher McCann is a UX Designer and Manager at EPoServer AB





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