Not-notes on Josh Seiden’s Product Strategy Meetup

(Kicking myself for missing this meetup tonight–had a ticket but couldn’t make it. So I followed along on Twitter, thanks to Melissa Perri, Lane Halley and @agileuxmeetup for the diligent tweets collected below!)

  • Strategy is not planning, …it’s an integrated set of choices
  • There’s a misconception that iterative processes can’t be abstracted to high level business ideas
  • Research says the majority of companies have a strategy but only 14% of employees understand it
  • 70% of companies with a strategic plan fail to achieve their goal
  • Strategy is not a plan, it’s a system–not up front, it’s continuous–not top down, it’s bottom up
  • Successful businesses commit to outcomes not projects
  • Do not plan beyond circumstances you can foresee
  • Strategy involves a bet, as aspirational intention that creates alignment
  • Strategy as hypothesis  “Our strategy….     can be tested by…..”
  • Mission command = decentralized decision making in a Lean fashion
Hope Josh posts the slides–will update if so!

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