Notes on Indi Young’s When to be Hasty with Product Research

(Indi posted this on on 4/18/16, link here.)

Indi’s post is multi-faceted and great, I recommend reading it (link above) since I didn’t capture everything in my notes!

Takeaway: Run studies you do to gain deep understanding as separate projects—not as part of a larger process. Let it run in its the proper cadence (which might be a little slow) to capture deep realizations

The connection between your org and deep understanding of your customers is support—how does the org support peoples’ intents and purposes (not tasks and goals—those aren’t included in deep understanding)

Digital products are increasingly nuanced—they pay attention to many details and perspectives

  • Which thinking-styles should your org support? Are you supplying different answers for different styles?
  • Or are you focusing on a single style?
  • What are their patterns of reasoning?
  • Can you provide a deeper support and maintenance of a person’s intents?
  • How can you compete based on intrinsic value in people’s lives instead of just monetary value?

Reframe the problem at hand as if your org didn’t exist—this is when value can freely emerge

Sometimes it’s best to try and understand people before idea generation! Here is Indi’s sample graphic in reverse chronological order:



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