Love Esther Derby’s 7 Ps of Profound Change

So simple yet covers it all!

  1. Understand the problem.
  2. What is preserving the pattern?
  3. What possibilities exist?
  4. What principles apply?
  5. Design probes.
  6. What might you perceive about how your probe is working?
  7. How will you permeate the innovation to other areas?

A few other nuggets from Esther:

Creating conditions where a team can effectively manage itself is a powerful act of leadership. The variables include:


  • People know what to to work on and how their work fits into the larger context


  • Folks have the means to do the work. Org structure/policy supports the work


  • People know what should always be done…and what should never be done
  • People can explain the reasons for their constraints

Check out more of Esther’s thoughts on her blog, link here.

About Esther (from her site): I speak at a number of conferences both public and internal, covering topics such as leadership, organizational dynamics, teams, change, and scaling agility.  I’ve been a speaker at the annual Agile Alliance conference every year since 2004.  I’ve also spoken at conferences in Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, and France. – See more at:



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