Notes on Dan Saffer’s The Robots are Coming (to Services)

(Dan gave this talk at Adaptive Path’s Service Experience Conference on Nov 4, 2016, link here. Watch the video if you can, Dan is quite funny to listen to…)

Dan defines a robot as any device that has autonomous movement and can make decisions about how it moves

Robots have in the past tended to do the 3 Ds: dirty, dangerous, dull work

Over the next 10 years, Dan expects many robots to be integrated into services due to improved computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing

Looking further ahead, Dan expects in-demand AI and improved human-motion style manipulations to cause another surge in robots taking over most services

Why robots in services?

  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Safety
  • Cost savings

Robots are basically services within services

The simpler the task, the harder it is for a robot to do it

How a robot moves affects how you experience it. It’s fairly simple to program robots to show “emotion”  via motion etc

The robot-human interaction model is interesting. Voice interactions are feverishly being worked on by Google, Apple etc






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