Quick note on Kate Kaplan’s Facilitating an Effective Design Studio Workshop

(Posted on 7/2/17 to ungroup.com, link here)

Kate posted a really nice overview of the design studio workshop—worth checking out even if you are an old hand at the process

I particularly liked the activity combo of:

  •  Sketching 1: Crazy 8s (divide a sheet of paper into 8 sections and draw as many ideas as you can in 5 min)
  • Sketching 2: Big Idea (focused on a previous idea, a combination of ideas—stealing encouraged)
  • Sketching 3: 1 storyboard/wireframe (capture the key steps at a high level)
  • You can critique between each round of sketching, or after completing all 3 rounds

She follows with a nice summary of the Six Thinking Hats method and how Google has modified it for design sprints. Check out the link for more details!



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