Notes on Marc Rettig’s Good Gathering

(From an 11/17 video on’s All You Can Learn subscription series, link here) Some obstacles to facilitating effective group meetings: Rather than discussion leading to debate, Marc suggests listening leading to generative dialog: Who controls the content of the meeting? It’s a matrix: The 1-2-4-All method to improve inclusion starts with individuals silently reflecting, then moves on to working in collaborative pairs, foursomes, and finally the whole group: Before a group meeting, try listening to a few representative participants–quick hallway chat, phone call or email etc. Marc’s example: Then create a participation plan: Then take 10 minutes for quiet … Continue reading Notes on Marc Rettig’s Good Gathering

Notes on Kevin Hoffman’s Creating a Design Facilitation Practice

(added 07/17 to’s All You Can Learn video library, link here) Meetings can reflect an facilitator’s confirmation bias—”everybody must think like me and run meetings like me so no discussion necessary” Kevin advises a careful facilitation practice to expose assumptions and manage constraints Careful facilitation shows you value everyone’s time and endeavor to use it wisely Part 1: Define facilitation for your org Facilitation is a role that manages conflicts by following a productive pattern of conversation A facilitation practice: Designates a facilitator Defines that role and provides best practices for recording the proceedings Follows a conversational pattern of divergence … Continue reading Notes on Kevin Hoffman’s Creating a Design Facilitation Practice