Notes on Tom Chi’s Rapid Prototyping and Prod Mgt

(From Tom’s talk at Mind the Product 2015, link here) I highly recommend watching the half-hour video, it’s really enlightening and I wasn’t able to take great notes Here are a few takeaways: Don’t waste time arguing your “gut”—get out there and test! Keep loop length as short as possible for Lean, efficiency reasons: ie, test regularly—perhaps 2x a week, as a non-negotiable calendar entry. Whatever’s ready, test! You’ll be testing again in 2 days As product folks, we are going for the “eyes light up” or “magic moments”—”Wow, the product does that?” Everything else—sign in flow etc—should be subservient … Continue reading Notes on Tom Chi’s Rapid Prototyping and Prod Mgt

Handy paper prototyping hints from

(Published 9/12/13, link here) Materials Tape a printout of the test device (phone, tablet) to cardboard so it’s more weighty for users and more durable Leave a white frame around the device for visual context Trim out card stock the exact size of the screen Draw/tape UI elements on cards Layer multiple cards together on the device printout, using removable double-sided tape Try printing out multiple instances of UI elements and cutting them apart to mix n match. Store elements in an organizer container Cut sticky address labels in thin strips—you can use them to quickly add UI (like a link or button) on … Continue reading Handy paper prototyping hints from