Notes on LukeW’s Conversations@Google 2016

(From Part 1 a 2-part talk LukeW gave at Google, uploaded 10/5/16, link here) Increase in mobile time spent: 8% small phone 85% on a medium phone 334% increase on phablets 81% increase on small tablets 25% increase on large tablets Bottom nav is preferable to top nav due to ergonomics—esp phablets—it’s much harder to reach top nav. And the millennials in particular are all about using only one hand for their phones Before LukeW redesigned the navigation of the Google+ app All functions where under a Home label on a dropdown menu at the top of the screen All features were … Continue reading Notes on LukeW’s Conversations@Google 2016

Notes on “Design Hacking” by Everett McKay

Based on the deck from a presentation by Everett McKay to the Stanford Igniters, Nov. 14, 2013. See for his summary and to download the deck. I’m focusing mainly on his discussion of UI design here. Topic Intuitive UI Design   QuickTake An intuitive user interface is essentially a conversation between users and the technology to perform tasks. It’s built around user scenarios and effective human communication; it’s not built around mechanical features and requirements. Using effective communication as the standard of success for UI design greatly lessens the emphasis stakeholder subjectivity Effective UI design should focus on user goals and … Continue reading Notes on “Design Hacking” by Everett McKay