Notes on Barry O’Reilly’s Lean Enterprise

(From his talk at GOTO 2016, posted 9/7/16, link here) Orgs need to re-embrace learning to keep up with the times Only 29% of Fortune 500 companies plan to grow their business via new products and services (49% expect to grow via cost reductions instead!) Only 13% of US workers report being highly engaged at work: most workers feel disempowered and disengaged There’s a delivery gap in good customer experience—80% of companies believe they are delivering good customer experiences while only 8% of customers agree To close this gap, “I experiment, therefore I learn” EXPLORE Develop a scientific, data-driven paradigm for business … Continue reading Notes on Barry O’Reilly’s Lean Enterprise

Notes on Monal Chokshi & Guerrilla Research

(From Monal’s 11/16 Mind the Product talk, link here. Monal is Head of UX Research at Lyft.) Guerrilla research is an informal method of gathering quick, low-cost feedback from user It’s unplanned and informal; you simply go out into the world and approach people in an impromptu manner The famous example is approaching strangers at Starbucks and offering to buy their coffee if they will sit with you for 5 minutes and test something. You observe their reactions and any problems as they test the feature or experience Use guerrilla research to stop those endless, philosophical boardroom meetings by collecting real data … Continue reading Notes on Monal Chokshi & Guerrilla Research

UX Thought of the Day: Employ Emotion

I was listening Steve Portigal’s podcast with Elizabeth Kell, Comcast’s Sr Dir of User Research, link here. Elizabeth relates a story of how, while out doing research in people’s homes, she will interview couples together. Once they start talking, she finds she gets a much richer understanding of people’s emotional connections to their cable service—their close relationship really opens them up to discussing their experiences. Now get creative—how could you interview pairs to achieve greater understanding?? Continue reading UX Thought of the Day: Employ Emotion

Notes on The Bad Idea Terminator by Melissa Perri

From the video of her presentation at QCon London 2015, posted 7/5/15, link here. Building is the easy part. Figuring out what to build is hard So how do we decided what to build–and when to abandon product builds that aren’t succeeding? A PM’s job is to narrow the focus, to find the best idea and limit things to it A PM has to say no even to the boss How do you become the Product Terminator? How do you Fail Fast? Stamp out bias Causality–the belief that things happen for a specific cause and you know that cause The copycat … Continue reading Notes on The Bad Idea Terminator by Melissa Perri

Notes on Pivotal Lab’s Lean Customer Research with Validately

From a 3/31/15 video with Validately’s Steven Cohn, posted on Pivotal Labs’ livestream channel, link here. I also saw this presented by Steven Cohn at LeanUX NYC a few weeks ago, which was great. Google Steven’s name, there’s lots more out there including this great post on, link here. Can customers use a feature? Do customers want to use the feature? Who specifically wants to use this feature? Demand validation tests help you learn directly from customers Don’t ask “Would you use this product? Yes/No” — that doesn’t represent any real intention Add some cost to make potential customers analyse their choices Costs can … Continue reading Notes on Pivotal Lab’s Lean Customer Research with Validately