Quick Notes on Dave Gray’s Updated Empathy Map Canvas

(from Dave’s 7/15/17 post on medium.com, link here)

The Empathy Map Canvas that Dave and XPLANE developed years ago has been a great success, but over the years some of the thinking has become diluted

So Dave and Alex Osterwalder (of the Business Model Canvas) updated the Empathy Model Canvas to make the tool more usable and deliver better experiences and outcomes:


What’s new

  • Goals are incorporated to help teams clarify context and purpose of the activity
  • Numbered sections show intended sequence of activities
  • Centered Think and Feel and put it inside the head—to emphasize interiority and exteriority
  • Added Pains and Gains to head also
  • Added some starter questions

How to use it

  • Start w GOAL, defining the who and what to do—framed as new & observable behavior
  • Work clockwise through Seeing, Saying, Doing & Hearing—the focus is on observable phenomena and an empathetic “walk in someone else’s shoes”
  • AFTER this circuit, focus shifts inside the head
    • Getting inside “The Big Head” is the primary power and reason for this exercise

Once completed

Dave is soliciting thoughts and responses in medium.com’s comments 

About Dave (from medium.com): Founder, XPLANE. Author, The Connected Company and Gamestorming http://xplaner.com. 

Editor of The XPLANE CollectionThe Connected CompanyLiminal thinkingListicles and links, and From NO to GO


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